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Atomic Iodine, 2 oz.
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Atomic Iodine, 2 oz.

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Baar Atomic IodineTM is the world's only electrified and stable non-toxic aqueous form of iodine that liberates the element in an atomic or nascent state. Atomic Iodine, was developed by Dr. Sunkar A. Bissey in the 1920's. His product was used for goiter, malaria, hypothyroidism and other health issues. Iodine in the nascent state is thought to be better absorbed by the body.

Cayce suggested electrifying the product. This process of electrifying was developed and perfected by Dr. Bruce Baar in the 1980's. Dr. Baar's unique process not only includes electrification but also includes a proprietary blend of herbs from the Bissey formula.

Baar Atomic IodineTM is excellent for external application to cuts, boils, bites, rashes, poison ivy and more. A truly unique and economic product that is electrified as indicated in the Edgar Cayce Health Care Philosophy.


The World's Only Electrified Aqueous, Stable Nascent Iodine

Electrified for Enhanced Assimilation

Official Edgar Cayce Formula

Recommended by Doctors, Scientists and Health Care Physicians

Excellent Antiseptic, Also Recommended for Application to Cuts, Boils, Bites and more

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Average Customer Rating: based on 8 reviews
Label Information:
Ingredients: 1% solution of Electrified Nascent Iodine (approximately 418 mcg iodine per drop).
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 8 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

38 of 38 found the following review helpful:

5Superior source of supplemental molecular iodineFeb 07, 2012
By Jasper T. "Spectral Swedborgian"
Half of the reason we are sicker and generally feel worse today than previous generations is due to the garbage and toxins we take into our bodies. The other half of that picture is what we DON'T take in, at least not in quantities sufficient to give our bodies what they need to thrive. This situation has come about largely because "conventional medical wisdom" has marginalized many critical nutrients for decades. We've been told we need such minute quantities of them so as to make them virtually of no effect. Iodine is one of those wonder nutrients like Vitamin D, magnesium, and many others, that almost all of us fail to get in sufficient amounts to produce vibrant health.

Pretty much everyone gets insufficient iodine, not to the point that we suffer from goiters, or some of the other well known deficiency diseases, but definitely to the point that we rob our bodies of their optimal function. Doubtless, we open ourselves up to other serious diseases and conditions for which the connection to iodine deficiency is never uncovered.

This iodine from Baar is called "Atomic Iodine" or "Atomidine". This name comes about because it is based on the writings of Edgar Cayce, and that's a term Cayce used for it. There are other companies who produce "Atomidine" using differing methods. You really should try a couple of different products to find the ones that work best for you.

The Baar product is unique in the several formulas I have tried over the years. The bottle states it is for external use only, so don't purchase this product with the idea of adding it to some liquid and drinking it. Its most unique quality is that this iodine is entirely clear and not the reddish color of most iodine products. This means it can be used transdermally (applied to the skin) in areas you would not normally apply iodine due to its staining effect on skin and clothing. Many nutrients, like iodine and magnesium, can actually be utilized by the body more effectively if they are absorbed through the skin as opposed to being swallowed and having to go through the whole digestive process.

For instance, since the thyroid gland is highly dependent on an adequate supply of iodine, I apply half a dozen drops each morning right on to my throat area where the thyroid is located. Sometimes I add a drop or two of DMSO liquid to help the iodine absorb into the cells quicker. Because Baar iodine is clear, there are no stains on my clothing or skin for several hours afterwards, as I would have with a traditional, reddish iodine product.

Even if you have an iodine supplement you are happy with, give the Baar product a try, using it transdermally. You might just find this method of getting iodine to be superior.

I notice a fairly rapid increase in energy when supplementing with iodine. I try to apply or swallow my daily does early in the morning, as its energizing effects tend to wreak havoc on sleep when it's taken too close to bed time.

Iodine is also a germicide of unmatched power. If the research I've done is correct, there are no bacteria that can escape its antiseptic powers. I have also read that it is impossible for any bacteria to develop an immunity to iodine as an antiseptic, the way they do to antibiotics. It kills everything, every time. For that reason it works great as a disinfectant on cuts, burns and scrapes. I mix up a weak solution of iodine with water and put it in a nasal spray bottle, or add it to a neti pot. It is excellent for controlling stuffiness caused by allergies or colds. And again, I can use this Baar product in the nose because it is clear and leaves no stain around the nostrils.

One tip to help you optimize your use of iodine. There are substances chemically related to iodine called "bromines" or "bromides". These are commonly found in most commercial breads. If you check the label on your bread, you will almost certainly see it listed as an ingredient. The problem is that these bromides attach themselves to the exact same cell receptor sites as iodine, effectively blocking iodine from being utilized by the body. You can have iodine flowing throughout your body, but if the receptor sites are all occupied by bromides, that iodine won't do you a bit of good. This is one of the reasons that people can have severe thyroid dysfuction from lack of iodine, and yet in standard blood work, thyroid function is said to be "normal". That would be the bromides, giving the blood work false readings. So, in addition to boosting your intake of iodine, you should carefully examine the ingredient labels in what you eat for bromines or bromides. As noted, you'll find them most of the time in commercial breads. If you really want your iodine supplementation to have an effect, you'll have to eliminate or greatly reduce your bromine intake as much as possible. Just food for thought.

All in all, this one gets three thumbs up.

22 of 24 found the following review helpful:

5Awesome Atomic Iodine.....where have u been all my life?!?Jan 08, 2008
By Anita E. Evans "A. Evans"
Atomic Iodine, I read about in Cayce remedies and thank the high heavens that I was able to find some and had it delivered. This will now be my 'tool' of choice, firsthand before I pick up any other medicine or etc. This item has soooo many uses, has already shown improvement in my topical ailments (wart on finger that even compound X could not get rid of), my diabetic brother w/ an ingrown toenail is finally getting relief in healing (and he just started using in a few days ago). No one wants to be burdened with ailments, pains and aches....I thank you for making 'healing' so much more pleasant, healthier and less intrusive. Isn't that how it should be?!?

4 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5Wonderful Product.Jun 11, 2013
By Glenda Howze
I no longer need the thyroid replacement prod. that I have taken for years.
This Iodine going into the blood through the skin makes so much more sense.
Seems to be doing the trick for me.

3 of 4 found the following review helpful:

By druoak01 "Joseph Froton"
Unfathomable levels of air-borne radiation from this "disaster scenario" travel all the way across America to the East Coast! Detectable levels (?) of radio-active isotopes have been found in cow's milk here in Vermont. Radiation is invisible & it can take years for cancers to be found. Protect yourself & all those you love & cherish with any form of nascent iodine. Taken daily it will protect the thyroid & detoxify the body. The cheaper but none-the-less highly effective gourmet Himalayan Salts are excellent substitutes as they contain highly active bio=available iodine in addition to countless other essential nutrients. This Edgar Cayce formula effectively & promptly eliminated a difficult few spots of poison oak. I simply dabbed the area then added medicated powder. Gone. I mean really gone fast! Not my original intent, but goes to show this products versatility! A modern day must-have! Excellent!

5 of 8 found the following review helpful:

2No discernible effectOct 03, 2013
By Jake Fantom
I have used this product pretty faithfully for a month, with no discernible effect on my health or well-being. By way of contrast, I found a kelp product with high concentrations of iodine, that seemed, at least subjectively, to improve my energy levels. Despite the many positive comments on various iodine products, I suggest you research the subject thoroughly before making a purchase. There are significant concerns about negative effects of megadoses of iodine that should be taken into account. At any rate, slathering this product on my skin seemed to have absolutely zero effect on any aspect of my health.

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